Avalon PLM

Avalon Innovation AB is a rapidly growing consulting firm listed on NGM Equity since 1998. We have a unique concept where we through our three business areas Avalon Technology, Avalon Management and Avalon Finance can provide long term support to our clients from business and management processes throughout the engineering development process until competence in financing projects and companies. Avalon Innovation is the frontrunner who concentrate on core competence and to stay abreast of developments. We have offices in Karlshamn, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Malmö, Växjö, Jönköping, Uppsala, Ljungby, Västerås, Linköping, Göteborg, Södertälje, Copenhagen, Ry and Oslo, and the group has around 270 employees.

Avalon PLM A/S
Ellemosen 3B
8680 Ry
Phone:    +45 86 83 78 12

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