Edge Publisher build

We are please to announce, that Edge Publsher build has been released. In this version two new features have been added:

  • A file preview is now displayed upon file selection.
  • A new “Read Document” command has been added. It is located under the Application Button and in the Quick Access bar. This commad will open the Solid Edge file currently open in Solid Edge (if any).Under the Edge Publisher Setup / Read Document Category, you can choose whether the document should be closed in Solid Edge when read into Edge Publisher. This is not on by default.

    If there are unsaved changes in the S0lid Edge file, you will be asked if the file should be saved.

You can download the new version under Downloads.

Edge Publisher build

We have uploaded a new build ( that solves a flat pattern orientation problem. You must run Solid Edge ST4 MP5 or higher for this fix to work, as it dependes on new functionality implemented in the Solid Edge API.

This build also solves various bugs in the Update Activity,