Edge Publisher build

We have uploaded a new build ( that solves a flat pattern orientation problem. You must run Solid Edge ST4 MP5 or higher for this fix to work, as it dependes on new functionality implemented in the Solid Edge API.

This build also solves various bugs in the Update Activity,

Edge Publisher and ANSI sheet sizes

We have uploaded a new build ( that solves a problem processing ANSI Sheet Sizes (e.g. in the Print Activity).  It can be found under downloads.

Edge Publisher/Unite Assembly V7.6 and Solid Edge ST3

In case you are running Solid Edge ST3 (or earlier) and need to run Edge Publisher/Unite Assembly v7.6,  you must install a special setup package.  It can be found under downloads.

Pdf Plugin Release notes

We have uploaded release notes for the new Pdf Plugin. They are available under Downloads.

Edge Publisher V7.6 Released

We are please to announce that Edge Publisher V7.6 has been released.

A new plugin/licensing scheme has been introduced and a Free version of Edge Publisher is also avaiable. The free version includes the Print Drafting activity and you can request a license under Downloads

A We have also added a brand new “Pdf Builder Activity”. Using this activity, you can merge existing pdf files with solid edge exported pdf files into a single document, also including bookmarks (model structure or list) and properties.  More info on the will follow – Stay tuned…

Please read the release notes before upgrading as V7.6 uses a new folder for storing application data.

You can download the new version and release notes under Downloads